Malik Kotob
Technical Architect at Acquia
United States of America

After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Malik switched gears from a career in software development for robotics and embedded systems, to one of web development and architecture. While the languages and technologies differed, the general software development and problem solving skills carried over seamlessly. Since making the switch, Malik has worked various roles in the industry, including as a technical architect, QA analyst, requirements analyst, and application developer. Prior to his current position as a Technical Architect at Acquia, he worked as a senior application developer for IBM, where he helped deliver enterprise solutions to several large government agencies.

Since joining Acquia, Malik has worked as a Drupal architect for a variety of projects, for major clients spanning both the public and private sectors (including on These clients were diverse in both industry and need, ranging from large migrations and general site-maintenance, to chatbots and fully-decoupled Drupal 8 applications. As an Acquia-certified Drupal 8 Grand Master, Malik has found himself on the forefront of contribution for different projects and initiatives that benefit many members of the Drupal community, including Acquia’s BLT, the JSON API module, and Drupal’s API-first initiative. In 2017, Malik attained a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, which provided new skills, as well as helped to re-enforce and formalize those that he attained on the job.

Outside of his day job, Malik enjoys mentoring and guiding anyone looking to get into software development. He’s also happy to act as a technical resource for those looking to architect software solutions.

Written by
Diyala Abdlrasul
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