Yara Asad
Consultant / Director General for the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) in Palestine
United States of America


Yara was born and raised in Palestine. Yara’s work in Palestine was particularly private-sector focused. Some of her experience includes, working as a consultant to DAI- an organization dedicated to global development initiatives and as a Director General of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Palestine. During her time at the ICC, Yara led efforts to establish the Palestinian chapter of ICC and raised funds and created revenue streams for over 3 years, amongst other noteworthy milestones during her time a the ICC.
She was later accepted to The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University where she pursued a degree in Public Administration and Policy. Post-Harvard, Yara went on to work at Wolfensohn and Co., where she conducted extensive research on global trends, with the goal of anticipating the 2050 future of the Middle East and North Africa in the areas of religion, conflict, security, migration and refugees, healthcare security, ageing and personal fulfillment, demographics, politics, social trends, education, urbanization, climate change, economic growth and employment.
Yara has over 13 years of professional experience combining research & data analysis, advocacy & public policy, private sector development, public relations, strategic development and general business management. She is interested in offering mentorship to Palestinian startups in the following areas:
•    Exporting and attaining outsourcing jobs
•    Finding a profitable niche market
•    Positioning strategy
•    Offering advice on what the US market is looking for.


Written by
Diyala Abdlrasul
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