Sammy Nabulsi
United States of America

Sammy was raised in Nebraska, and born to Palestinian parents, both from Haifa. His parents never lived in Palestine, however, his grandparents lived in Haifa, and left during the war in 1948.  

Sammy an attorney by profession, has been practicing law in the US, for the past 4 years. He went to the Suffolk University Law School, in Boston Massachusetts. and has been practicing law in Boston, since. He has also been working as an adjunct professor at the University, for over a year. Simultaneously, Sammy works as a government lawyer for the City of Boston. His primary responsibility consists of representing the City of Boston in litigations against it. Within the scope of his work, Sammy also undertakes a fair amount of work in areas such as transaction and corporate law. He also has extensive experience working on intellectual property portfolios for the City of Boston. Most recently, Sammy has dabbled in starting his own business, a business primarily focused on lawyer- to- lawyer, legal research support services, where solo practitioners in need of legal researchers, are able to outsource that work, to trained professionals, who are able to undertake that work for them.

Sammy is interested in providing mentorship to startups in Palestine, mainly pertaining to legal considerations under American law. Sammy, has considerable experience in commercial and intellectual property litigation, as well as experience in all types of contracts and transactions, partnership agreements, protection against legal liability, property damage, and other typical liability issues. He also has experience in startup planning, business planning and pitching. Furthermore, Sammy has a broad network of connections to Boston based accelerators, and incubators, and would be happy to help Palestinian startups connect with them.

Written by
Diyala Abdlrasul
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