Alejandro Dughman
Co-founder of


When Alejandro was a child, he dreamt of one day becoming the President of Chile.  ‘I wanted to change the world and help others to succeed and improve their lives.’  As Co-founder of CrowdPal, his philanthropic motivations (which he attributes to his father’s example) are now focused on employment in Palestine.

‘I used to work for companies in high positions and then I decided to quit and start my own businesses, one of which is CrowdPal.   It started as an Equity Platform to crowdfund for Palestinian entrepreneurs to support job creation.  We’ve learned a lot since we started and are still evolving but our unwavering goal is to give Palestinians hope and the ability to stay living and working in their homeland.’

Becoming an entrepreneur was a decision Alejandro made primarily to have more control over how he managed his time, his most valuable resource.  ‘I knew it was time to focus on myself and get out of my comfort zone.’

Whilst most of the Palestinian community in Chile are now third and fourth generation descendents, it was Alejandro’s father who first came to live there from Ramallah at the age of 18.  He started a small textiles business and ‘dedicated his life to the Palestinian cause’ before passing away, aged 60. 

‘Palestinians make great entrepreneurs because we are fearless. We have gone through the worst and lost everything, so what can we fear?  You must have a clear goal and passion to succeed.’

‘I’m interested in supporting technology startups and also those in sustainable energy, they must have the wow factor.’

Written by
kimberley Davidson
United Kingdom
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