Anas Hamed
Serial Entrepreneur / Co-founder of


Based out of Chile, Anas Hamed is an active member of the Palestinian diaspora business community. Hamed has over 15 years’ experience starting up companies across the world, including the MENA region, as well as north, south and central America. Hamed is passionate about startups, and has spent his life pursuing innovative entrepreneurial projects that are not only economically viable but that are posed to change the world. 


Hamed defines himself first and foremost as a serial entrepreneur not only seeing to the realization of multiple business ventures, but by supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs transform their startup ideas into viable businesses. 


“I love startups, I love supporting entrepreneurs, and Palestinian startups are the closest to my heart,” explains Hamed. As a result, Hamed is always looking for new startups to invest in, especially those led by eager young Palestinians looking to transform their economic and social realities and create a better life for themselves. Not only does Hamed look to support innovation but to contribute his expertise towards enhancing the Palestinian startup ecosystem. 


Since then, Hamed has joined MENACatalyst during their Santiago Demo Events, working towards a shared vision of bridging the gap between a committed diaspora community based in Chile eager to support innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in Palestine. In terms of supporting Palestinian entrepreneurship, Hamed had this to say, “Apart from investing, I’d like to help them, guide them in their strategies, coach them, mentor and advise them and open networks whenever possible.”

Written by
Leila Farraj
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