Serena Rasoul
Co-founder of Listenport
United States of America


Serena Rasoul is currently working as Program Specialist at the United States Institute of Peace. Prior to this, Serena has had extensive entrepreneurial experience working as cofounder and director of the startup Listenport, a small business that initially allowed patients to reach out to their physicians and provide them with feedback, but has since expanded their services. 


Rasoul's experience working with startups especially in the context of strategic development and building the foundation for a business, makes her an ideal mentor for early stage startups. In addition to starting and developing a lucrative startup, Rasoul was also involved with streamlining Listenport's user experience by developing a highly interactive user-friendly interface. 

Rasoul is excited to work with MENACatalyst and reach out to Palestinian startups to contribute to a growing ecosystem with massive potential. 


Written by
Diyala Abdlrasul
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