Ahmad Al-Hidiq
Cofounder and CEO of HeyDoc! App / Managing Partner At LabEight*
United Arab Emirates


Serial entreprenuer, Ahmad Al-Hidiq is a tech enthusiast and has spent the last 14 years creating and leading new startups, and offering consultancies to up-and-coming entreprenurial projects. Although Al-Hidiq is behind the success of several startups, he defines himself as an 'active mentor' and as such is dedicated to providing his expertise towards helping startups learn how to launch their products or services into various regional and international markets. 


Al-Hidiq is currently Cofounder and CEO of HeyDoc!, 'A healthcare communication and technology platform dedicated to connecting patients with the right medical consultants.' In addition, Al-Hidiq acts as managing partner at LabEight, ' A venture initiative that works with organizations and startups in bringing their products to market and help them lift-off.' 


Tapping into his Palestinian heritage, Al-Hidiq was eager to become part of MENACatalyst's growing network of diaspora members to reach out to Palestinian entrepreneurs striving to reach new markets and have an impact. 

Written by
Leila Farraj
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