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The fast-paced and dynamic world of technology is constantly evolving. With new products, upgrades, and accessories constantly flooding global markets on almost a daily basis, consumers end up spending a fortune just to keep up. This has never been more true for laptop owners, as they struggle to make smart purchases that not only meet their technological needs, but that will withstand the test of time.

In order to address these concerns, three innovative thinkers from a diverse range of backgrounds, including design, engineering, and even music, sought after creating a solution in a more efficient and stylish way. Co-founder of Case X, Kort, relates the story behind the brand, “Since July of 2017, we fully committed to designing and preparing; where we come to you now with a finished product that looks sleek, thin, light, and benchmarks the fastest transfer speeds on the market with the integrated solid state storage, making it possible to run applications off of Case X, boot windows smoothly, and obviously store all your content, really quickly.” Case X not only enhances the efficiency and productive capabilities of the respective device, but also provides a sleek hard case shell to instantly give consumers the protection and additional storage they need. 

The core team behind Case X, includes co-director and lead designer, Emil Kort; co-director and lead engineer, Max Kent; CFO and head of business development and investment sourcing, Kareem Kort. Additional team members, Mohammad Nour, operates as secretary and legal advisor; and Victor Ebenezer the main coder and web developer. 

“At University, all three of us studied engineering, and all had Macbooks. The university’s PC computers were almost always fully booked, and it wasn’t convenient to always go to the computer lab to run our engineering programs that are not available on Macbooks,” explains Kort.  Out of necessity, Emil Kort (one of the co-founders) taped an external USB2/3.0 hard drive on the back of his MacBook, using it to boot into Windows, and for the convenience of always having the drive on him, in order to run his engineering software. The mechanism was glitchy and laggy but got the job done. 

But how does Case X actually work, integrating an M2 SSD (Solid State Drive), with a 10GB/s write rate, and a USB C connection that is a lot more durable and reliable than the typically used USB A, Case X seamlessly attaches to the back of a MacBook or MacBook Pro, providing users with a case that is as sleek as it is efficient and durable, without comprising the integrity or design of their existing devices. The appeal of Case X lies in its ease of use, affordability and sleek design and especially in its “ability to boot into a number of operating systems, as well as being able to use it as a quick external storage means” explains Kent, co-director and lead engineer of Case X.

The Case X team are mainly targeting content creators, entrepreneurs and students, who need the storage and are unwilling or unable to spend thousands of dollars on new devices, or are looking for an upgrade without spending unreasonable prices for in-house storage upgrades. With a market size of 130 million units, encompassing all MacBook and MacBook Pro models released in the past 6 years, the potential for this unique product is undeniable. Specifically working to acquire between 1% of MacBook and MacBook Pro owners which translates into 1.3 million units at 39 million USD, and 0.1% which encompasses 130,000 units at 3.9 million USD. 

Since their launch, Case X has gained considerable momentum, completing their initial concept designs, establishing an online presence, including branding and a dedicated website. But most importantly, working prototypes have been released, accompanied with all legal procedures including a trademark and patent, and securing a supply chain with collaborating companies.

At this stage, the Case X team have devised a series of milestones and by April of 2019, are working towards running a pre-launch campaign on platforms such as Kickbooster and Kickstarter, as well as releasing their products on ecommerce platforms. By April of 2020, Case X seeks to ‘achieve presence in global market sectors with distributors such as Exertis and Ingram Micro, and further optimize available designs for a second version.’ The third milestone set at April 2021, will be to have the product licensed to retailers and ready for mass distribution. 

In terms of financials, the projected price for the 512 GB Retina Case X models will be sold at a wholesale price of 119.99 USD and 159.99 USD for retail. While the price for the 512GB Touchbar devices is set at 139.5 USD for wholesale, and retail is at 179.99 USD. On the other hand, the 1TB Retina models will go for 169.99 USD whole sale and 229.00 USD retail. And the Touchbar model is priced at 190.25 USD for wholesale, and 249.49 USD retail. The 12” MacBook will go for 140 USD, 180 USD for wholesale 512GB and 1TB respectively, and 180 USD, 240 USD for 512GB and 1TB retail respectively.

However, in order for Case X to really take off, the team is looking to secure between 200,000 – 250,000 USD in funding to gain additional traction and release their products in global markets. Funding will be utilized towards developing the molds for the cases, packaging, acquiring components, advertising, PR campaigns and also towards operational costs. 

“We know us. And because we know us, we know you. The MacBook/Pro sets the benchmark for crisp design and portability. When looking for that extra punch, you don’t want a slow drive floating around on a cable representing the life and death barrier between groundbreaking work and lost dreams. Instead, use Case X. Easy and secure. With zero inconvenience.” -For you, by us Case X team.

In terms of impact, Kort had this to say, “Case X stands to create effective, stylish and inexpensive solutions to people of all professions and ages. We hope to grow into a company impactful enough to encourage and empower students and young professionals throughout the region in innovation within all sectors.”

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