SWITCH - Founder and CEO Joseph Hodali; Co-founder and CTO Uqba Owda

From keeping medical records up to date, organized and accessible to healthcare professionals on a national scale, to groundbreaking medical treatments, to simply yet all the more profoundly improving the way medical professionals reach out and connect with patients, technology has without a doubt revolutionized the way the medical and healthcare industry operates.  

Understanding the potential of this booming industry while realizing the lack of an integrated platform for health and information related services in Palestine as well as the greater MENA region, Joseph Hodali and Uqba Owda decided to take the initiative and create a solution. Tapping into their extensive experience within the field of big data analytics and software development, and with the relevant skills working on IT solutions for insurance companies as well as hospitals, Hodali and Owda began developing the initial concept behind SWITCH.

Established in 2010, SWITCH has emerged as a leading company specialized in the the development of fully integrated medical and healthcare software solutions, apps, and business intelligence platforms that help clinical businesses keep up with the constant demands of the healthcare industry.   

The innovative team behind Switch includes Founder and CEO Joseph Hodali, Co-founder and CTO Uqba Owda, as well as a team of highly skilled professionals. With over 25 years of cumulative experience, collective knowledge and experience in global markets including the MENA region, the US, and Europe, the SWITCH team are set to conquer markets everywhere.  

The lack of knowledge, tools and proper technology has severely affected the quality and level of value-based as well as patient-centric services in the healthcare industry especially in the MENA region, “Clinical business owners lack those tools, and the majority wouldn’t hire a specialized manager to handle all the parts of their businesses, especially when it comes to patient services,” explains Hodali. This is where the teams’ background in big data and data analysis steps in, by identifying ‘crucial problems and patterns, especially in the healthcare sector’ and developing fully integrated solutions that are capable of delivering a significant impact amongst all relevant stakeholders including doctors, patients and vendors. 

“Our solution to the problem is that data can be gathered, stored, and analyzed securely with world class standards and compliance, and thus allowing our Business Intelligence engine to analyze the data and provide the clinical business owner with figures and suggestions on the fly, and as well, it can provide smart notifications, detailed reports, business decision making suggestions based on historical data and most importantly predicting the future for those clinics,” explains the SWITCH team.

SWITCH has Launched their first solution Dentex which is tapping into the dental sector considered as one of the busiest sectors within the healthcare industry. Dentex incorporates a family of products dedicated towards advancements within the dental sector which along with the dedicated Dentex platform includes the Practice Management Solution. The Dentex Doctor App and respectively Patient App are both tailored to meet the professional and specialized needs of the users. The scope and potential of the SWITCH platform is wide, and apart from their dental practice management solutions, a 'Gynecology and Obstetrics Practice Management Solutions,’ platform is in the works.    

Setting up the intuitive and user-friendly solution takes only 30 minutes and to ensure that clients get the basics down it includes a comprehensive tutorial. “It simply connects the patients with the doctors, and the doctors with their providers, and the BI platform provides the insights and digs deep into the business with proper and predictive analytical reports in order to provide better services, generate higher income and profit, spotting failures before they happen, and providing a brief of their future practice health,” explains Hodali. 

The SWITCH team is currently working on making Dentex the primary dental practice management solution adopted by dental professionals and practitioners across the region. Dentex currently consists of a desktop version that works on Apple MAC and Windows, allowing dentists to not only complete but retrieve all relevant electronic dental records for patients. The app is a comprehensive productivity tool for dentists, allowing them to carry their dental practice in their pockets. On the other hand, the free patient app allows dentists to directly connect with their patients and keep them updated with important dental information, payments and even appointments. Patients can also search for nearby dental clinics, have all relevant records easily accessible in case they are travelling, request and receive appointment notifications and reminders. 

SWITCH adopts a SaaS (Software-as-a Service) model for all of their solutions including Dentex, and implementing annual license renewal fees depending on the size of the dental center. Consultancy services are also offered, specifically business development services tailored for dental businesses throughout the MENA region. This includes workshops and courses to prepare dental assistants using the Dentex platform. To expand the scope of Dentex, Hodali and Uqba are are working on signing affiliate agreements with international leading dental supplies companies to adopt and implement the Dentex platform. 

“The future is bright for Dental Software,” explains Hodali, with reports from 2015, putting the global market for practice management software at a staggering 888 million and with a projected CAGR of 6.8% for the next 6 years. According to estimates the dental software market is expected to reach a value of $2 billion USD. “That is a huge global market whichever way you look at it. There is plenty of room for providers deploying innovative features,” explains Hodali. 

The market opportunity for Dentex is undeniably ‘huge’ as it relates to the world of mobile apps and solutions. SInce its launch Dentex has been making major strides in local markets with over 200 clinical businesses already adopting the Dentex platform with over 50,000 patients registered and an additional 150,000 appointments booked. Additional numbers reveal that since opting to Dentex there has been over 70,000 financial transactions, 50,000 treatments logged and more than 300,000 reminders sent. As a result, Dentex has managed to achieve profitability from annual recurring revenue exclusively from the Palestinian market. These numbers reveal the dedication and capacity of the SWITCH team as they continue to develop fully integrated medical platforms that work to transform the way dentists (via Dentex) as well as medical professionals from a range of fields reach out to patients and operate their businesses.

What sets SWITCH apart, is their fully integrated solution that offers their clients (dentists and clinical businesses) a comprehensive platform that not only addresses and manages patients’ records, but also enhances the connection between patients and doctors. Hodali sums it up best, “Dentex connects the healthcare business through cloud services, mobile apps (Android and IOS), desktops and tablets, all at once, sharing and exchanging data at the same time, using world class standards and compliance.” He continues, “Focusing on the power of patient medical and general data to provide the healthcare sector with better assessments, diagnosis, figures, and leading to better- and high-quality patient services.” 

Hodali reveals the impact he hopes to effect via SWITCH and all accompanying solutions such as Dentex, “The impact we are going after is ultimately for every patient to have access to high-quality healthcare services that brings greater value and easiness to their treatment journey. Through technology, we give greater control for healthcare service providers – such as dental practices – to create services that benefit the patients primarily and make their treatment journey easier and less painful,” 

To learn more about Dentex visit, http://www.dentex.ps and https://www.facebook.com/dentexps/

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