We are a group of talented and committed Palestinians from around the world working to build the “Palestinian virtual global economy.” We do this by establishing collaborations between internationally based business leaders and investors from the Palestinian diaspora with our local based entrepreneurs and startups. 

We have succeeded in reaching out to the Palestinian diaspora to create professional networks made up of high profile impact investors, business leaders and mentors to enhance the viability of local entrepreneurial enterprise. We are taking these networks and creating connections between the Palestinian startup scene and our diaspora community of committed investors to provide guidance and the skill experiences needed to contribute to the success and marketability of entrepreneurs and startups. 

  • How can barriers be reduced or eliminated to bring an effective, efficient, and dynamic collaboration mechanism between different stakeholders?
  • How can the business sector in MENA region make a difference in increasing youth entrepreneurship and employment?
  • How can technology be used to bring economic opportunities to more young people in the MENA region? And how can technology empower SMEs, NGOs, philanthropists and donors to effectively collaborate in order to support youth entrepreneurship and employment?

MENACatalyst established with a vision to build a resilient Palestinian virtual global economy


MENACatalyst Foundation is an independent non-profit organization with a mission to develop innovative and viable solutions for youth entrepreneurship and employment within and across MENA countries, through bringing effective, efficient and dynamic partnership collaboration among key development stakeholders.

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Our Diaspora Community

Our diaspora community is large in scope, and includes, investors, mentors, academics, business professionals, as well as successful entrepreneurs from around the world. Our vibrant diaspora community serves as the missing piece needed to support and launch scalable startup ventures and projects that are capable of transforming the Palestinian social and economic landscape. We employ the power of storytelling to effectively portray the talent and passion of our startups in a way that allows us to impactfully tap into our committed diaspora community. The result is a vibrant ecosystem of internationally competitive startups that have access to critical economic resources, as well as mentorship and networking opportunities needed to create a more resilient and thriving virtual Palestinian global economy. 

Our Impact

MENACatalyst develops stories that connect personal narratives to the wider community and regional challenges to achieve social change, thus our impact is threefold;

The Region

Expanding the scope and viability of our 'virtual economy.' Creating strong networks between committed diaspora members and promising Palestinian based startups. Competing at a regional level.

The Community

Increasing employment opportunities through the establishment of a smart and resilient ecosystem, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. 

The Individual

Resonate on a human level through our shared startup stories, directly connect with the diaspora through our International Demo Events, and foster the entrepreneurial spirit through guidance with our Mentorship Programs.

"I am thrilled to join MENACatalyst in their efforrts to not only support local startups, but to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs as the key to unlocking a brighter future!"

Marcelo Diaz Bowen

Angel Investor

"I hope that MENACatalyst will continue helping entrepreneurs all over Palestine, connecting them with the diaspora, business people and with investors."

Iba' Farrah

Founder and CEO of Oregano

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The Region Expanding the scope and viability of our 'virtual economy,’ through the creation of robust network linkages between the diaspora and local


startups to help startups compete at a regional level.

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