Social Good Program

Social Good Program


Our Social Good Program is aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Palestine. Creating connections between local Palestinian startups and the greater Palestinian diaspora is the first step. We do this simply through storytelling. With the power of storytelling, we can transcend boundaries and create a community with our diaspora to support local entrepreneurship and create a vibrant startup ecosystem. 


Catalyzing meaningful action while promoting innovation and collaboration, our stories are putting the spotlight on some of the most game-changing startups emerging from Palestine and beyond. From tech startups that are innovating within the most demand industries, to inspiring social initiatives that are transforming the way we connect with the world and share our culture, and leaders emerging from our diaspora, our stories are what brings us together.  

Program Components
Social Good Program
The stories we share feature the most promising startups emerging from Palestine and beyond.
Social Good Program
Diaspora Network
Our diaspora community is a committed group of industry partners, business professionals, and potential investors working to support Palestinian entrepreneurship.


We are committed to transforming the landscape of Palestinian entrepreneurship and creating a resilient virtual economy that is global in scope. Our Social Good Program is all about creating a platform where emerging startups and entrepreneurs, as well as our diaspora community, can collaborate on projects and work towards a more equitable Palestine for all. 


Fostering innovation, creating opportunities and catalyzing impact, are essential components of our Social Good Program. Through this one of a kind program unseen anywhere in Palestine, our emerging startups and entrepreneurs are able to make strategic connections and gain the industry knowledge needed to take their entrepreneurial projects to the next level. 

Our storytellers work with startups and social initiatives to share their entrepreneurial journey to the world.
Overcoming boundaries to unite our communities around the world towards a common goal, supporting the greater good of Palestine.
Our diaspora community from around the world are committed to supporting Palestinian industry and innovation.
Working with all stakeholders to build a resilent virtual economy that is global in scope.
How can I get my startup/social initiative story published?

Simply fill out our Book a Storyteller application, so that we can learn more about your startup/social initiative and if your project fits our criteria a storyteller will get in touch with you within the following week.  

How can I become a storyteller?

If you are interested in becoming a MENACatalyst storyteller all you have to do is sign up here, Become a Storyteller. Successful applicants will be contacted within the following week. 


How can I support this program?

We welcome all support from committed stakeholders around the world. Whether you are from the greater Palestinian diaspora, or just interested in showing your support, please contact us at, and a representative will get back to you within the following week. 

When can I expect to see my story published?

Our goal is to publish a new story every week. If you have already met with one of our dedicated Storytellers, then expect to see your story published within the upcoming weeks, and feel free to contact your storyteller for any additional inquiries. 

How can I add information to my published story?

If you would like to have any edits or additions included to your startup/social initiative story then please feel free to directly reach out to your storyteller, or contact us at