Palestinian Startups Head to Dubai for the Annual Step Conference

13, Feb 2020
Palestinian Startups Head to Dubai for the Annual Step Conference

Dubai, UAE, Feb. 11–12, 2019—Attracting entrepreneurs, corporates, and tech enthusiasts from across the Middle East, Step Conference held one of their biggest events to date. With over 7000 attendees, 300 startups, and 100 companies, this annual two-day event was all about celebrating tech-based innovation emerging from the Middle East and dominating markets worldwide.  


Held in Dubai Internet City, the go-to location for all things tech, Step Conference 2020,  featured a host of activities, exhibitions, and conferences for entrepreneurs to catch up with the latest technologies leading cross-sector development. From across sectors, industries, and professions, this year’s attendees included entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, brands, and stakeholders from across the public and private sectors.


The event also provided emerging as well as more established entrepreneurs with the opportunity to connect and gain insights from prominent business enablers, industry partners, and fellow-innovators from across the Middle East. And this was just a glimpse of what Step Conference had in store for attendees.


The four main conferences featured this year included Step Start, Step Digital, Step X, and Step Money. Startups, were the main theme of Step Start, featuring founders and entrepreneurs looking for collaborative communities of support, and impromptu sessions with mentors and investors. For digital markets, advertisers, influencers, and brands, Step Digital announced the latest trends from the world of digital media marketing. While Step X delved into the future of the transportation industry, Step Money explored the world of financial technologies, digital currencies, blockchain, and fintech.  


And from Palestine to Dubai, Ibtikar Fund promoted their portfolio startups, and sent a delegation of entrepreneurs including Suna Zoabi-Othman Founder and CEO of Tawazon, Thaer Samara Founder and CEO of Safra, Aws Al Nabulsi Founder and CEO of Gamiphy, and Ali Tazami Co-founder and CEO of Inggez, headed to the annual Step Conference, to not only participate in eye-opening exhibitions, but as speakers sharing their entrepreneurial experience, sector-specific expertise, and market integration in various global markets. And one of the country’s leading incubators, Palestine’s very own, Fikra Innovation Hub, also made it to the conference to learn about the latest trends shaping the future of Middle Eastern enterprise. Mohammed Kilany, Founder and CEO of FanEra formerly known as SnapGoal, also made an appearance at several events, personally showcasing his startup to various business enablers there.  


The entrepreneurial enabling organization, MENACatalyst, was also at the conference to show their support for Palestine’s game-changing startups and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as to network with some of the most influential business enablers and industry partners from across the region. 


The importance of annual events such as Step Conference, Technology Innovation Pioneers Summit (TIP), RiseUp Summit, and others, cannot be overstated. These events, conferences, and summits create transformational opportunities for the region’s most promising entrepreneurs, to showcase their innovations, expand their outreach, and most importantly, make the connections needed to compete in global markets.