Station J: East Jerusalem’s Innovation Hub

21, Oct 2020
Station J: East Jerusalem’s Innovation Hub

Are you an aspiring or established entrepreneur in Jerusalem? Have you been looking for a place that sets you up for success as an entrepreneur by providing you with the essential resources? Are you a strong believer in the concept of knowledge-exchanging to promote innovation?

Station J is an innovation hub located in the heart of Jerusalem that strives to advance the city’s economy & society by being its leading engine for innovation & entrepreneurship. The hub’s mission is to provide the Palestinian youth with a strong and robust innovative platform for entrepreneurial growth for that combines business, research and academia; ensuring that the integration of the three is more efficient and has a higher impact on talent, technologies and startups. In addition to that, Station J offers a co-working space at its offices in Jerusalem.


Since its launch, Station J has hosted more than 40 different events in various domains like: technology, entrepreneurship, capacity building, financial consultations, career development, social media & more. From workshops, guest speaker events, bootcamps to summer camps Station J strives to cater towards all age groups of the local Palestinian youth by providing meaningful experiences that enriches their knowledge to better prepare them for the entrepreneurial reality; so far, Station J has worked on building capacities for more than 200 students of different age groups in Jerusalem. 


Station J has also recently signed an MoU with the entrepreneurial support platform MENACatalyst, aimed at empowering East Jerusalem’s enterprising youth with transformative digital opportunities.

Meet Station J’s team; Hazem Tirhi (Station J’s director), Yara Abdeen(Entrepreneurship & innovation intern), Omar Daoudi (community and communications lead) and Bashaer Safadi (facility and project coordinator).


Station J’s Unique Program 
Station J is currently launching a program called Balech. This program aims to encourage Jerusalemite youth in using design thinking to think outside the box and find solutions to pressing problems around them. This is an intensive two day program that is currently held virtually due to the Pandemic, however, it will be held in Station J in the future. 

In addition to that, Station J is launching the “Digital Seeds” Training of Trainers Program in partnership with HEKSEPER, that seeks to train university graduates and current students on the languages of HTML & CSS and introduce them to the problems present in their local communities in order to utilize programming to solve these problems. “Digital Seeds” trainers will be conducting 36 training hours to more than 160 students between the age of 14-35 years in the upcoming 4-5 months. 


Station J’s Recent Achievements 
Check out some of Station J’s most recent events:
●    How to build a strong online brand presence
●    Design Thinking Workshop
●    Coffee Break with a Financial Consultant
●    Digital Summer Camps  that teach students between 14-17 about the foundations of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Web

●    Digital Summer Camp to teach youth about the foundations of Graphic Design (Photoshop) & Web Development/Coding
●    Social media Bootcamp 


Success Story: Kangaroo
One year ago Asma Bakri was thinking about how she can help working parents with the easiest babysitting service, while the number of working moms is increasing, same as the unemployment rate, she thought about Kangaroo application that connects babysitters and parents. Kangaroo is a platform for parents and babysitters to connect. A project that provides well trained, highly qualified and professional babysitters to go to the houses, this is done through a mobile application that facilitates the access of customers to the appropriate babysitter. “With Kangaroo, we’ve modernized the way parents find and book the babysitter they need to achieve our customers comfort and satisfaction” Asma said.

Station J helped Kangaroo’s founder by tapping into its network of mentors and connecting them with the right professionals, who all provided Kangaroo with mentoring, advice & strategies to grow. 


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