Shaher Hussein
United States of America

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Shaher lived 30 years of his life in the US. Originally, from Al Bireh, Palestine, Shaher frequented summer visits to Palestine with his family. Shaher grew up surrounded by family-run bodegas around NYC. Within the bodegas, customers commonly bought their luxury bath and body products that were being sold in the stores. Observant of how well the products sold, Shaher decided to materialize his interest of starting his own business to reality and opened his own bath and body products shop called ‘Yaba Bath and Body’, which did very well.  However, the aftermath of an economic crises and real-estate bubble took a blow to his business and a couple years later, he was forced to shut down.

Shaher later moved to China for 3 years, where he worked in logistics and taught English. During his time in China, Shaher regularly attended startup-style events and began attempting to pitch his logistics startup idea. Not so long after, Shaher went to Palestine and pitched his startup idea, ‘BareedEE’, where he was successful.

Most recently, the BareedEE team pitched their fourth iteration of their business model at an event called ‘AngelHack’ - a California based accelerator program where BareedEE was chosen, among 65 startups, to fly to California to pitch. AngelHack found BareedEE’s story so interesting that they requested to tell his story in a documentary called “Seed”, which is now available on Amazon Prime for viewing.

While he never did receive the investment from the AngelHack initiative and his co-founder soon after decided to call it quits, Shaher still remains positive. He is currently trying to keep his startup alive. However, he noted, that if he found it difficult to raise the funds for the running costs of his startup, that he may end up having to freeze his startup for the time being.  

Shaher has had a whirlwind of experiences that other startups could greatly benefit from. Shaher would be able to help other startups with their business strategy, finding the minimal viable product (MVP) and product/market fit.

For those of you who are interested, you can find the link to the documentary below:

Written by
Diyala Abdlrasul
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