Amman Pitch Challenge

Santiago - Dubai - Abu Dhabi -Amman - London- San Francisco
Monday, April 15, 2019 - Ramallah

Calling all Palestinian entrepreneurs from around the globe! 

Do you have a startup that needs funding or scaling? Or are you an up and coming entrepreneur with a promising startup idea? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then MENACatalyst is calling on you to apply for the Amman Demo Week Event.


Starting from March 20 till April 15 MENACatalyst is opening an application call for all Palestinian startups in any field of interest to take part in this exclusive opportunity to travel to Amman, Jordan for a weeklong series of Demo Events.


Selected finalists will not only visit high impact incubators to network with some of the biggest startups and industry partners dominating the country, but to further develop their startups or startup ideas into viable business ventures.


Who should apply? Startups at either idea or early launch phase looking to expand their outreach and networks, translate their ideas into workable business models, and expand gain invaluable exposure and insight into the inner workings of both major regional incubators and accelerators.


Without a doubt investments are important for scaling, however the opportunity to connect with potential mentors and investors to learn how to sustainably integrate into regional and international markets is integral to the success of any startup. Participants in this weeklong series of Demo Events will gain extensive media and PR coverage that will make investors and industry leaders take notice of your startup, startup idea or entrepreneurial project. 


Interested startups/entrepreneurs should apply before April 15, 2019 deadline, to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


Why take part?

- Opportunity to sharpen your pitching skills and acquire strategic feedback from a panel of professional judges.

- Vie for the opportunity to take part in our latest demo events.

- Gain media coverage for your startup, startup idea or entrepreneurial project from MENACatalyst partners. 

- Connect with our global network of leading business professionals, angel investors and industry partners.

- Mentorship opportunities to scale your entrepreneurial pursuits.

- Make the contacts needed to integrate into regional and international markets.



- Startup or entrepreneur is based out of Palestine.

- Application open to startups or ideas in any sector/field.

- Startup, startup idea or entrepreneurial project caters to the MENA region.

- Proficiency in the English language and no hesitancy to speak about your startup or startup idea in public.

Event Schedule
Collaborate Across Regions: Think about the collaboration happening between Amman and Jerusalem startups, given their close proximity to each. Or, between Amman and Nazareth because they both serve clients in the Middle East market, as examples.

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Strategic Funding
Seek funding to grow your business from our network of diaspora business leaders and investment partners
Invaluable Exposure
Gain access to our experienced entrepreneur's extensive network, which can help you seek funding or gather resources.
Startup Viability
Tap into our business network to expand your business and build strategic partnerships in emerging markets.

We appreciate the efforts put forward by MENACatalyst and cooperating groups for encouraging innovation in Palestine.

Emil Kort,

Co-founder and Lead Designer of Case X 


MENACatalyst's Pitch Challenge and Demo Events were some of the most amazing experiences ever!

Islam Dahliz,

Founder of Meet Scholars