Connecting emerging professionals via virtual events during COVID-19

24, Nov 2020
Connecting emerging professionals via virtual events during COVID-19

Monday, November 23, 2020 – Ramallah, Palestine – Our funding partner, the GIZ, recently organized a virtual event entitled “Doing Business in Times of Covid-19,” in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and the Palestinian Fund for Economic and Social Protection (PFESP). The event was aimed at emerging self-starters looking to navigate the ever changing business ecosystem during the global crises that is COVID-19.


The event was broken down into two parts, starting with “Youth Entrepreneurship in Timed of COVID-19,” which was led by a panel of expert speakers from across the public and private sector and focused on the challenges young enterprising Palestinians are facing during these uncertain times and strategies to overcome them. The second part of the event, “Ask and Get Advice from Young Entrepreneurs,” featured an engaging Q&A led by a group of talented entrepreneurs who spoke about their entrepreneurial experiences and then took questions from attendees.


The event comes at a crucial juncture for Palestinian entrepreneurs who are struggling to kick-off enterprises that have lasting potential in local markets. Yet as COVID-19 continues to transform the way the world does business, young Palestinians have to learn to adapt to survive.


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing social isolation measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, organizations are no longer able to offer “in-person” training and learning workshops to young Palestinians to acquire the skills, resources, and networks of support needed to set up viable business ventures. This is why virtual networking and capacity building workshops are so important. By tapping into the power of digital connections, stakeholders from across the public and private sector can reach young Palestinians to offer them the support they need to keep up with local and international market development trends, and just as importantly, offer them a glimmer of hope during these unprecedented times.


Ultimately, this virtual workshop managed to bring together a group of motivated and enterprising young Palestinians eager to learn from the experts that know what it takes to make it in an uncertain business environment. This proves the point that virtual meetups need to become more normalized while not undercutting the importance of in-person events. Although we are amid a pandemic that has altered the way organizations can operate, it is significant to note that post-COVID-19 restrictions on mobility and accessibility issues will persist due to the political nature of the country.


It is undeniable that hundreds of Palestinians living in remote towns and villages are unable to travel to larger cities and take part in professional development programs and workshops. This causes a considerable segment of the population to be systematically excluded from life-changing opportunities that can alter their socio-economic status. Virtual events, regardless of their nature, are so impactful, as they help to raise awareness about Palestine’s shifting economic landscape and how the enterprising youth can embrace the world of digital technologies to overcome borders and grasp a world of new opportunities.