Nizar Elkhater - Pianist, Composer

Born and raised in Lod, Nizar Elkhater began his musical journey at the age of 6 when he began piano lessons that opened the doors for his musical career. Having studied music professionally in prestigious universities in Israel and Jerusalem, Nizar is now an accomplished pianist, composer and conductor and has since established his own ensemble called Abaad. 

The Abaad ensemble is a quartet composed of seven members as they fuse together Western and Eastern musical styles to create a new and unique sound. Nizar explains, “I was studying Western music at the Rubin Academy but then when I would go home, I would listen to Eastern music, I was inspired.” Nizar then explains how he used this inspiration as a driving force to start his ensemble, “I started the Abaad ensemble to not only explore and experiment with different styles and genres of music, I hope to continue to build on this ensemble and construct an orchestra, to create opportunities for talented musicians to actually have a career in music and further develop their musical talents.”

Nizar has also released a debut album “Dream” which features piano ensembles and solos, as well as original songs including two duets all self-composed and conducted. To further expand his impact, Nizar actively works on collaborating with prominent musicians throughout the region to come together to develop programs and projects that not only supports up and coming musicians but brings music to marginalized communities as an expressive outlet. Nizar elaborates, “Communities in the north as well as Bedouin communities such as Hura lack access to important resources, I am working to bring them music, through lessons or recitals, basically any way I can.” Nizar has since established an organization called “Harmonia” which provides free musical lessons including the violin, Oud and percussion instruments, to disenfranchised youth throughout the Lod area. The program is currently in operation in the Lod community center as well as an additional 2 schools. 

Since Nizar begun his musical and social efforts there has been a positive change in which communities throughout the region are beginning to embrace and support music as a profession, talent and outlet for expression. Finally, Nizar expresses what he hopes to accomplish through his musical endeavors, “The beauty and power of music is that it overcomes borders and differences.” He adds, “It brings people together to appreciate what we have in common and to use that to build networks and bridges between all people to make the world a more accepting place.”

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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