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Established in 2007, Blue TD has become one of the leading web and software development service providers throughout the Palestinian territories. Blue TD utilizes the latest technology to develop basic to high-level web applications and portal sites customized to meet the specialized needs of their clients. In addition, Blue TD realizes the necessity of fostering client trust and loyalty which is why they offer continual maintenance and support to retain customer satisfaction. As a result, Blue TD has been hailed as the number one service provider for web services for local companies in Palestine for the past five years. 

Along with the founder and CEO of Blue TD, Muhannad Al-Haj Yusuf, the company consists of 15 core team members including web developers and designers as well as graphic designers. Blue TD’s long term success and growth is explained by CEO Muhannad, “Our dominance in the Palestinian market is attributed to our skilled team’s ability to deliver high quality, efficient services tailored to our clients needs as well as around the clock customer service.” 

Blue TD’s client list includes high profile companies, businesses as well as organizations based in the Palestinian territories which include, PALTRADE, USAID Institute for Health Services, GIZ, Wataniya Mobile, as well as many others. Muhannad elaborates on the scope of Blue TD’s achievements, “We have developed over a thousand websites and web projects, we manage and host websites which has received more than two hundred and fifty million visits per month.” He concludes, “We have also served over a thousand local clients since our inception.” 

Alongside the web development and applications services, Blue TD aims to expand their scope to include products which include service software programs such as logistics system software applications that can be applied to any region and sold to multiple clients. Amongst Blue TD’s achievements has been the launching of, a Palestinian based dedicated e-commerce website that allows local providers to expand their customer base and sell their products online. In addition, Blue TD has developed Monitors, one of the first fully automated commercial media software tools in the Middle East. The Monitors’ software provides real time reporting for advertisers to monitor and log key words used in web (social media), television and commercial campaigns. As a result, companies, businesses and advertisers alike are able to monitor the reference of their brands or services in real time. 

In terms of social responsibility, Blue TD offers their services free of charge or at reduced costs for many non-profit organizations they work with, Muhannad explains, “We support our local communities by providing our services at reduced costs or nothing at all for non-profit organizations that are working to support positive social and economic development throughout Palestinian.” Muhannad further adds, “We also offer fresh graduates a three-week training program focused on providing them with practical work experience in web and software development, and those that excel in the training are hired as part of our team.”

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Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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