Mashvisor - CEO Peter Abuzoloff

Over the past ten years, there has been a resurgence in the American real estate market. Rising property values and increased demand for housing properties have resulted from inventory shortages in the market. As such, real estate investors have been keen on identifying competitive properties to get the best value for their investments. Ramallah based CEO Peter Abuzoloff and CTO Mohammed Jebrini launched Mashvisor’s platform in 2015, to help real estate agents find the most lucrative high return property investments in cities throughout United States. With a Background in Business Finance from the University of San Diego as well as experience working in startups in the United States, Peter was eager to create a startup that taps into his knowledge of the massive potential of the U.S real estate market. 

Mashvisor got its start during Ramallah’s Startup Weekend, a three-day event for startups to pitch their ideas and receive critical feedback from entrepreneurial leaders to get inspired and translate their business ideas into viable startups. Since then Mashvisor has developed into a highly competitive platform that allows individuals and real estate investors alike with the opportunity to find profitable traditional or Airbnb properties throughout the United States to invest in, Peter explains, “Mashvisor’s efficiency and popularity lies in its ability to provide investors with the most updated data, and analytics in terms of available properties and their return value potential in a matter of minutes.” Subscribers of Mashvisor have the opportunity to choose from various annual and quarterly paid packages to fully access comprehensive data to compare and identify the most ideal real-estate investment opportunities. 

Mashvisor currently consists of a full-time team of 25 employees with another 10 part timers leading departments in sales, customer support, marketing as well as development. In terms of investment Mashvisor has managed to land over 800,00 USD from high impact investors including Ibtikar Fund, APIC, and US based 500 Startups. What differentiates Mashvisor from its competitors is its ability to utilize investments efficiently, Peter explains, “We can do more with 100,000 USD towards developing, improving and marketing Mashvisor than high profile companies can with ten times that amount.” Due to strong marketing strategies and a SEO performance, Mashvisor continues to gain dominance in US markets becoming a staple in real estate markets across the US. Peter along with his team are working towards acquiring additional funding in order to further enhance Mashvisor’s platform, data analytic engine as well as to continue to add features and services to attract even more customers. Regarding Mashvisor’s success Peter has this to says, “We are a Palestinian based business operating virtually from Ramallah, yet we have become one of the leading U.S focused real estate investment platforms, regardless of where we are from.” 

In terms of impact Mashvisor is able to offer highly skilled Palestinians employment opportunities to further develop their skills, and professional profile. Finally, Peter talks about the importance of contributing to a diverse Startup culture “When it comes to startups today, it doesn’t matter where you are based, as long as you have the knowledge, skills and motivation you can succeed, while at the same time contributing to a new culture of startups that support innovation and new ways of thinking.” 

Mashvisor has since competed in MENACatalyst’s Santiago Pitch Challenge and earned a coveted spot amongst 10 highly competitive startups to travel to and meet with high impact diaspora business leaders in Chile. Peter says, “We participated in the Pitch Challenge to be able to get in front of the Palestinian community in Chile to help us grow, whether through direct investment or helping us grow our network!”

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Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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