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As individuals become more aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, trips to the gym have become a priority making gyms and health centers indispensable to the wellbeing of all. Ahmad Shalabi a native of Gaza, recognized that there was a disconnect between gym accessibility and health conscious individuals on a budget. Ahmad identifies the growing obesity epidemic reaching over 1.9 billion as a threat affecting the wellbeing and healthy lifestyle of people around the world. As a result, Ahmed decided to make gyms and health centers and their respective activities and amenities more accessible for those seeking to improve their health and quality of life. 

Gymatto is a service which utilizes a multi-pass system to offer health conscious individuals complete access to a network of participating gyms and spas. Ahmed explains, “We offer a multi-pass system that allows interested individuals who are concerned about their health and fitness the opportunity to work out at any participating gym within the Gymatto network at highly competitive rates.” Furthermore, “One subscription will work to participate in a wide range of activities, fitness workshops and sports events for anyone subscribed to the Gymatto network of gyms and spas.” 

Gymatto consists of a team of professionals that work in business management, a group of mobile and web developers working on optimizing the UX and UI of the system. Gymatto currently targets everyone interested in sports, athletics, fitness and anyone seeking to live healthier lives. With the high demand and growth of the health and fitness sector, Gymatto seeks to tap into regional Arab markets and gradually expand to global markets. A steady revenue stream will be maintained utilizing a subscription, Ahmed explains, “We have succeeded in enlisting many gyms that have further offered Gymatto a 30% discount to be part of the network effectively allowing us to offer clients with the most competitive rates, while at the same time bringing in more people to the gym.”

In terms of impact, Gymatto seeks to transform the experience of going to the gym by creating a cost effective system encompassing many gyms offering a wide variety of activities. Gymatto seeks to create an ecosystem which supports health and wellbeing enabling individuals and communities alike to become more health conscious and live their best lives. Furthermore, Gymatto will be able to increase their team, and departments to provide employment opportunities for ambitious young Palestinians.

Gymatto has since participated in MENACatalyst’s Santiago Pitch Challenge and won a trip to connect and collaborate with impact investors and high profile business leaders of the Palestinian diaspora in Chile. Ahmad speaks about his experience participating in the Santiago Pitch Challenge, “I thank MENACatalyst for creating new opportunities for Palestinian entrepreneurs!” He continues, “Coming from Gaza this means even more to me because I now have a great opportunity to meet with the some of the best innovators and investors of the Palestinian diaspora!” 

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Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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