Healthcare has come to dominant industries and markets on a global scale. As technology continues to determine the trajectory of our daily lives, we turn towards readily available digital resources to keep up with our health and well-being, and to learn about the latest advancements and discoveries transforming the landscape of healthcare.   

Tapping into this global trend, Mohammed A Ghuniem, co-founded and launched TebFact in September of 2018. TebFact is the first Arabic based website ‘that works to provide medical consultations for the treatment and follow-up of diabetic patients online.’ Patients using the website will be able to directly reach out to doctors, get medical follow-ups, access diet management plans, and directly recall medication schedules.

The TebFact team is composed of Co-Founder and CEO Mohammed A Ghuniem, a 5th year medical student; Co-CEO Abdalrahman A Ahmed, Marketing Manager and 6th year medical student; and 5th year medical student, Ahmed Saeed Darwish who is Head of Quality and Auditing.   

To address the diabetes epidemic sweeping the region, TebFact will initially put their focus on integrating into Gulf markets, then successively incorporating additional markets throughout the MENA region, including Palestine. In the Gulf alone, statistics reveal a market size reaching more than 11 billion USD in 2016, and which reports reveal is still on the rise. The TebFact team relates how patients suffering from this disease face a multitude of difficulties, such as; “the inability to regularly visit clinics and keep up with care due to long distances, and limited availability of human resources, especially in terms of dietitians.” As a result, many patients are forced to revert to online resources as an alternative, which proves at many times highly inaccurate and misleading, ultimately causing more harm than good. These online resources are also rarely if ever monitored by medical professionals, which affects the quality of the articles and advice available. 

This is where the TebFact team step in, by creating a dedicated platform that not only addresses the aforementioned issues, but provides a holistic solution for diabetic patients to access the support and knowledge needed to treat their illness, all of which is exclusively in Arabic.

What sets TebFact apart is their focus on what they call, “the human element of medicine and care,” Ahmad Saeed Darwish, Head of Quality and Auditing explains, “While there are solutions in the market, these applications do not have the most important part about medicine, which is the human part.” He continues, “Some applications try to integrate the human part in the applications but they miss the most important point about managing chronic diseases like diabetes, which is the continuous follow-up.”

To tackle these concerns, TebFact currently offers a variety of services for users, including a dedicated platform for diabetic patients, and the opportunity to reach out to general practitioners as well as specialists, available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Users will also be able to follow-up with the same doctors, and if they so choose, create medical records that can be easily accessed from the platform. In terms of business model,TebFact adopts a subscription based business model, which includes a basic monthly fee set at 50 USD, which includes all the aforementioned services.  

As TebFact is focused on combating the diabetes epidemic permeating the MENA region, providing patients with the most effective and top quality care is imperative. To do so a team of three doctors, comprised of a GP, a psychologist and a dietician will oversee a group of 60 patients, ensuring that all patients receive comprehensive medical advice and follow-through support. TebFact will reach out to potential patients, via their dedicated content platform, social media ads, as well as online websites. 

Since the launch of the content based platform in September of 2018, TebFact has provided users with more than 150 EBM medical articles, receiving over 7,000 visitors and over 95,000 total views. In terms of upcoming progress, TebFact will launch their diabetes platform in July of 2019, and by December implement the video/voice chatting feature. By September, 2020, TebFact aims to scale to additional Arab countries and by 2021, incorporate international based doctors and translators. Afterwards, TebFact aims to provide their services to private healthcare systems and begin implementation of remote patient monitoring. 
The TebFact team are initially looking for 55,200 USD in investments to support their growth in 2019. Funding will be directed towards website and application development (iOS and Android), servers, digital marketing campaigns, and finally towards acquiring partnerships.

In terms of impact, the future is bright for TebFact, with a dedicated team of professionals motivated to innovate within the landscape of healthcare in the Arab world, “We hope that our project will provide new jobs for young people in Gaza, as well as providing excellent and modern health services for Arab countries, including Palestine,” says Abdalrahman A Ahmad, CTO and Co-Founder of Tebfact. 

To learn more, visit http://www.tebfact.com

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
Leila Farraj is MENACatalyst’s Digital Content Strategist. Since the launch of MENACatalyst, Leila has been integral in developing and managing content that strategically reflects the overall mi... Leila Profile
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