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Cancer currently causes over 8 million deaths a year worldwide, especially in low and middle income countries. Cancer does not only affect individuals economically and socially but it takes a toll on the emotional well-being of those suffering from this life threatening disease. The high costs of treatment and screenings to treat and prevent cancer are unfortunately not accessible to all individuals who lack the means to receive regular check-ups. As a result, there is a great need to find non-invasive treatments that are economically accessible to all individuals regardless of income, and do not cause additional emotional stress or trauma. 

Dr. Anan Copti founder of NIMD, decided to translate his extensive experience regarding his work on the interaction between near-field microwave applicators and biological media to create medical and biophysical applications into practical use. The result of Copti’s work led to the creation of NIMD (Noninvasive Medical Devices), an innovative medical device startup that utilizes microwave radiation and nanotechnology to noninvasively and efficiently treat cancer cells. The treatment is simply done by injecting nanoparticles into localized tumors in order to amplify the applied microwave radiation in-situ. As a result of this treatment, tumor cells will absorb the microwave radiation effectively diminishing tumor cells, while not harming healthy cells. Due to the localization of treatment, NIMD manages to treat tumor cells efficiently utilizing the least amount of power in the shortest amount of time. Not only does NIMD treat tumors and cancerous cells, but this innovative new technology also detects them through the implementation of a thermal detection component. This component obviates the need for costly tests such as MRI’s and CT scans which many patients do not have access to or cannot afford. 

NIMD’s currently consists of an extensive research and development team including, founder and CEO Dr. Anan Copty, electrical engineer Dana G.D. Salah, and a professionals specializing in software development and business management advisors. NIMD’s platform of technologies focuses on cancer treatment and prevention for cancer of the head and neck, skin Melanoma, glioblastoma and especially breast cancer. To protect their technology and ensure the exclusivity of their approach, NIMD’s IP has successfully filled out two U.S application patents as well as a PCT. 
Currently NIMD is looking to raise around 4 million USD to conclude preclinical trials and complete the development of the prototype, in addition to working towards receiving the CE Mark and FDA Approval. NIMD then aims to perform additional studies to begin conducting human trials and launch the completed prototype. Afterwards, NIMD will be able to launch in hospitals, research centers, outpatient clinics in the U.S, Europe and Asia and depending on feedback expand from there.

In order to increase outreach and awareness regarding NIMD innovative and non-invasive approach to treating cancer, NIMD will focus on a strategy of pilot marketing, to launch beta sites, receive feedback and further develop the prototype. NIMD’s innovative technology has since garnered interest in the medical community world-wide with medical advisors contributing their feedback and support to adopt this new therapeutic approach as an alternative to the costly, at times inaccessible cancer treatments that end up claiming the lives of many patients. NIMD will include a mobile application to provide easy access guides and tutorials for administrators of the technology to enhance the technology accessibility and scalability.

NIMD’s Dana explains how this innovative technology will transform the way cancer is treated, “NIMD’s technology abolishes the need for drastic lifestyle changes to adapt to cancer treatments.” She continues, “Patients are left less vulnerable to the pain of surgical procedures and possible surgical errors.” 

Since then NIMD has participated in MENACatalyst’s Santiago Pitch Challenge and received the opportunity to be amongst 10 entrepreneurs to pitch their innovative startups to Chilean based Diaspora business leaders. 

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