Children today are growing up in a predominately digital world. From games, to videos and even educational content, children have been swept up by the technological revolution that has come to define their daily lives. Amidst this dependence on technology parents are becoming more cautious about the way their children explore the digital world. 

To address these concerns, Omar Albelbaisy founded KidsMobile in 2017. KidsMobile is a mobile apps development company that is dedicated to providing a safe environment for young children to learn and grow while at the same have fun. As part of the KidsMobile apps suite, the innovative application Tubey for Kids has been released and is described as an exclusively Arabic video app that ‘provides classified and filtered videos in a safe, educational and entertaining environment for kids.’  

The team behind the KidsMobile platform includes Lead Developer, Omar Albelbaisy; Content Manager, Mohammed Alhaddad; iOS Developer, Haitham Alnabaheen; and Marketing Specialist, Motaz Lubbad. The KidsMobile team of innovators are always busy working on developing new interactive and fun apps for young children to add to their suite of programs, such as Tubey for Kids which is currently available for andriod devices and in development for IOS devices.       

KidsMobile’s Tubey for Kids was launched on July of 2017, and was created for parents concerned about what their kids are watching online. Albelbaisy explains that kids today have easy access to mobile devices and when online visiting popular sites such as YouTube, they become vulnerable to age restricted material or simply content that does not align with their parents’ cultural backgrounds. 

To access Tubey for Kids, users can simply download the app then register with a valid email account, children are then free to enjoy hours of age appropriate content while parents get to remain worry free. The app features an interactive, easy to use interface that appeals to young kids and keeps them coming back. To further ensure filtered content meets the standards of parents, Tubey for Kids, has included the option for enhanced parental control. 

What sets Tubey for Kids apart is attention to detail. The editing team behind KidsMobile manually classifies and reviews age appropriate, exclusively Arabic content, that not only puts the minds of thousands of parents at ease, but content children can actually enjoy and learn from. According to Albelbaisy, their main competitor YouTube Kids is automated and sometimes videos that aren’t child friendly gets overlooked by the YouTube algorithm or applied filters, leaving children vulnerable to unwanted content. Yet, what has allowed Tubey for Kids to gain traction is their focus on exclusively Arabic content that is age appropriate and actually resonates with children throughout the Arab world. 

In order to avoid any copyright infringement issues, Tubey for Kids, streams all their content from YouTube, in which all royalties for views revert back to the publishers, creators and uploaders of respective content.  

In order to spread the word, the KidsMobile team focus on promoting their apps via social media networks, app stores as well as through sponsored ads. Their efforts have paid off, since their launch Tubey for Kids has made significant strides and is achieving an average of 2,000 daily downloads, with an additional 15,000 daily active users, 50,000 monthly ad clicks, and 400,000 total downloads, of which 30% are active users. These numbers prove that Tubey for Kids is changing the way children throughout the Arab world access video content. The market size is massive, with an estimated population of 407 million, an additional million in the Arab diaspora, and more than 100 million Arab kids, the potential is undeniable. The Kids Mobile team are looking to raise ‘50,000 USD to expand within their current markets, build new apps, accelerate development and enter new markets.’ 

Finally, Albelbaisy expresses his dedication to supporting entrepreneurship in Gaza, he says, “We hope to create a successful startup and to be able to share our story with young Gaza entrepreneurs to encourage and motivate them.” On the importance of entrepreneurship in Gaza amidst a landscape suffering from steep unemployment rates, Albelbaisy had this to say, “There is a huge number of well-educated and skilled youth and also great minds and ideas.” He continues, “So, entrepreneurship is considered a very important solution that can help young people build their own life and help other young people by creating job opportunities.”


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Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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