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While the world we live in is vast and filled with people of different cultures, faiths, sociopolitical backgrounds and languages, one thing which overcomes boundaries and resonates on a human level with people all over the world is the excitement and passion people share over sports, in particular football. The football industry is worth over 40 Billion dollars worldwide and is the most played, watched and invested sport in history. 

Mohammed Kilany recognized the need to tap into the potential of football fans and created an innovative application for mobile devices which taps into people’s passion and love for football and translated it into SnapGoal, he explains, “SnapGoal is a crowdsourcing app that provides an up-to-date experience for football fans to keep up with their favorite teams, to express and share their favorite snaps, and to interact in a dynamic community of passionate football fans.” SnapGoal utilizes a sleek interface that connect Football lovers from around the world to come together and form a community of likeminded individuals to experience, interact, and share their passion for their favorite football teams. 

SnapGoal currently consists of a core team of three founders with three part-time employees who work towards enhancing SnapGoal’s features so that football fans never have to miss a beat, Mohammed describes his team, “The team behind SnapGoal are always pushing for success, they are passionate and fight for it.” 

SnapGoal is a crowd sourcing app that transcends physical boundaries and brings people together to support and celebrate their favorite teams. Not only does SnapGoal allow its community of users to keep track of football games and events, it is more importantly a social experience where users can take snaps of their favorite teams and add them to a designated team story. SnapGoal is for fans who want to share their comments, excitement and celebrate their passion for their favorite teams with other fans. As a result, SnapGoal’s provides an innovative and inclusive crowdsourcing platform that brings passionate fans from around the world together to experience the hype, excitement, and hysteria of not only watching but experiencing a football match. 

To address copyright issues of content which was a major concern of investors, SnapGoal relies on crowd sourced content which gives users the power to be contributors rather than just recipients of content. Mohammed expresses, “The pain and hardships are the main drive for any startup and acts as fuel to motivate us to tackle the issues because if we don’t someone else will.” 

However, Mohammed’s perseverance and belief in his as well as his team’s ability to deliver a product that would appeal to the consumer and tap into a billion-dollar industry motivated him to pitch his product to potential investors. The opportune moment came when Qatar was announced as the home of FIFA’s 2022 World Cup. Mohammed and his core team recognized the potential of SnapGoal to unite football fans to experience and take part in the largest social football specific app in the world. After various rounds of pitching to Challenge 22; a massive Qatari campaign which sought to find and support the best mobile apps developed by start-ups throughout the region to innovatively tap into the World Cup’s potential. Snap Goal was selected as a winner amongst seven other teams and received a not only a cash prize but invaluable funding and mentorship by high profile business leaders from the region, Mohammed explains, “It wasn’t just about winning money or the popularity but the connection, networking and mentorship opportunities that allow us to continue to develop and enhance our product.” 

Spurred by the success of their challenge 22 victory, Mohammad and his team decided to expand the scope of SnapGoal and integrate users into the social experience of the app by becoming active contributors shaping the scope and scale of the shared football experience. While sharing videos and highlights of football games is part of SnapGoal, the global football community sharing their stories, pregame-hype, mid-game excitement and post-game hysteria is at the center of the user experience. Although, SnapGoal has achieved support from Challenge 22, the team are always working to secure funding to further optimize and develop the SnapGoal experience, “It is important to always show your potential to adapt to the needs of the consumer, because ideas change and companies invest in people not ideas.” 

SnapGoal will be released in 2018 but continues to be developed to achieve an optimal app in time for the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The SnapGoal team is currently working on a marketing and user acquisition strategy which will target high profile users in the football industry to be the first users of the app to motivate their fans to follow and join SnapGoal. In addition, users will be able to monetize their profiles based on traffic and views in order to increase and contribute to an ever growing user base. Monetization and paid advertisements will include sharing Ad revenue with dedicated Snappers who provide content in order to increase their followers as well as site traffic. In other words, the more content shared and followers Snappers acquire will set to increase their shares in Ad revenue. Furthermore, SnapGoal’s team recognizes the importance of attracting high profile community members as well prominent football players, to enhance the public profile of the app and attract new customers. 

The SnapGoal team all agree that “The sky is the limit,” and that the vision of any startup or project should be big enough to attract major investors or the “Big sharks in the market” in order to attract interest to create partnerships and even opportunities for acquisition. Finally, Mohammed reflects on his entrepreneurship journey and the lessons he has learned, “I learned to think big, the bigger the dreams are the bigger the future and the greater the impact.” 

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