Codytek - CEO Ahmad Abu-Omar

The Palestinian ICT sector is steadily gaining momentum throughout the West Bank and Gaza. Translating innovative ideas into services and products local Palestinian startups work to meet the growing needs of not only local consumers but also to tap into regional markets. Therefore, the potential of the ICT sector is tantamount to the local and international support this sector receives to generate opportunities and contribute to sustainable economic growth. 

While the ICT sector is steadily growing there remains a high demand in the private sector for businesses that provide high quality technical services to develop the digital profiles of companies, businesses, and startups alike. One such Palestinian, Ahmad Abu-Omar CEO of CodyTek works to contribute to the ICT sector by providing established entrepreneurs and small companies with the technical skills needed to build competitive mobile applications and software programs, he explains, “I work to develop the ideas of small companies and up and coming startups into something real and workable to enhance their professional profile.” 

With two developers working full time CodyTek seeks to provide their clients with efficient and streamlined technical services to develop competitive mobile apps and software that appeals to their client’s professional needs, Ahmad expresses the importance of having a strong dedicated team, “ Due to high client satisfaction, word of mouth has propelled CodyTek to become a highly competitive and reliable service that successfully meets their client’s needs as well as elevate their profile throughout the MENA region.” 

Investment opportunities are essential for CodyTek to continue to grow and acquire a diverse international clientele, Ahmad therefore, works towards efficiently enhancing offered services to accommodate the expansion of operations, he maintains, “throughout the next five years, we will be working towards establishing CodyTek as one of the most important sources of local employment by setting up our headquarters in Palestine.” He continues, “We also seek to acquire an additional 20 employees in order to expand our scope of operations and reach an international customer base.” 
However, CodyTek requires strategic investment to continue to expand and develop their services. Ahmad maintains that difficulties along the way have motivated him to work harder and smarter to achieve success, he states, “working as an entrepreneur allows you to do what you love and provide a service that you invest all your energy in to provide your clients with the best service possible.” 

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Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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