Vatrin - Co-founder and CEO Diala Khashan

E-commerce has taken the world by storm. With consumers all over the world opting to shop online, Statista estimates that e-commerce sales will reach 3.45T USD in 2019 alone, and by 2040 at least 95% of all purchases will be made online. The e-commerce phenomenon is here to stay, with over 12M to 24M e-commerce sites around the world and rising, consumers are choosing accessibility and convenience to get what they need when they need it. 

Realizing the market potential of the e-commerce industry, Diala Khashan combined her passion to start a business of her own, with her deep interest in the latest fashion trends and founded Vatrin. “The e-commerce market is big, women are always looking for new fashion websites that offers them different styles and the latest runway drops,” says Khashan. “We offer different choices as well as new drops daily delivered to your doorstep. You can shop brands you’ve never heard of before, all at one place and one basket.” 

Vatrin is as an e-commerce destination that combines unique pieces offered on different websites from Turkey, Poland, Russia, and the UK all in one platform creating a ‘Universal Checkout’ business model.

Along with Vatrin’s Co-founder and CEO Diala Khashan, the team includes Co-founder Ra’fat Masri, Head of Business Development; Sujoud Shalabi, Head of Operations; and Salah Yahya, Head of Tech. The team also includes two team members from Gaza Sky Geeks for the outsourcing of the Vatrin website; and two employees based in Turkey. 

Marketing campaigns on popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, and promotions via influencers, has created buzz around the emerging startup. The next step is expansion. To become a name stay in regional markets, Khashan is looking to connect with consultants and mentors experienced in tech. At this stage with 300,000 USD in funding, Khashan is confident Vatrin will get to the next level.

With plans for expansions to additional markets in the Arab World, Vatrin is looking to capitalize on their traction and expand to markets in Jordan and ‘48 Areas. “After seeing the success of Vatrin in a virgin market like the Palestinian market, I became very positive about the future of the business,” Khashan says. “In terms of expansion, we’re looking to be one of the leading fashion websites in the MENA region in the next 5 years.” 
Although Vatrin is making its mark in Palestinian markets, it’s not all about profits. In fact, Khashan is passionate about her work and hopes to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. 

To learn more about Vatrin please visit:

You can also follow Vatrin on Facebook: @vatrin, and Instagram: @vatrincom

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Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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