Quala - Co-founder and CTO Samer Asbah

The Big Data and Analytics industry is booming. IDC predicts that revenues will reach 189.1 billion USD in 2019 alone, and with a compound annual growth rate of 13.2% within the next five years’ revenues will reach a staggering 274.2 billion USD. With the current state of this ever-growing industry, it is fitting, to say the least that this sector is turning the heads of investors around the world. 
Tapping into his extensive experience as a professional programmer and software developer, Samer Asbah along with the Souktel team founded Quala in 2018. The Quala team includes a dedicated group of frontend, backend and mobile developers; as well as a marketing specialist. 
Both a web platform and a mobile application, Quala features quality data collection, efficient data management and effective data analysis. “The platform enables rigorous data review to ensure accurate data both online and offline and from other systems, for diverse teams working in challenging environments, enabling advanced data analysis and reporting,” says Asbah.  
Focusing on markets across the MENA region and Africa, Quala is helping both individuals and organizations working with data, specifically those facing challenges dealing with complex forms. Quala currently provides fully tailored solutions for complex multilingual team structures that are working in difficult environments with no connectivity. They also target organizations that lack in-house resources to develop sophisticated systems capable of supporting both effective analysis and decision making.  
Quala’s key features include dynamic tools to create data collection forms with additional features optimized for assignments. In terms of data collection, Quala’s comprehensive platform includes the collection and validation of sophisticated data as well as acceptance flows. Collected data is translated into fully customizable reports including easy-to-read graphics and charts.

The need of Quala in the MENA region cannot be overstated. With the lack of cohesion amongst organizations within the private and public sector, important data becomes ineffectual. “For example the Ministry of Health in Syria aims to gather data to understand the activities and resources needed to develop policies to stabilize conditions, but there was a lack of usable data,” says Asbah. “The Ministry would request relevant data from all hospitals and clinics, like the number of patients, treatments, etc., however, each clinic or hospital tracks this data in different ways, and some are located in remote areas with no internet access. In any case, the Central Ministry would receive unverified, duplicated and inconsistent data that takes time and effort to analyze for effective decision making across the diverse team structure.” 
Quala solves this issue via their fully integrated platform that simply collects and analyzes data in real-time, providing users the data they need to operate effectively and efficiently.   
While Quala is still in their research phase, they have been making a name for themselves around the world. With clients from major organizations in Egypt, the Philippines, and throughout Africa, Quala is constantly optimizing their platform while meeting the needs of their clients everywhere. Within the upcoming year (2019) Quala is set to finalize their product and go public. 
In order to maximize impact, Asbah is looking to secure 500K USD in funding for product development, and marketing and business development. With the strategic support needed, Quala will not only conquer markets everywhere, but disrupt the big data and analytics industry in the MENA region and beyond. 

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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