Arab Millionaire - Co-founder and Product Manager Yamen Hawit

People all over the world spend millions on the lottery and other such games looking to hit the jackpot and strike it rich. Reports from 2017 reveal that the global Lottery market size reached a staggering 302,300 million USD. With a CAGR of 2.9%, the market is set to reach 379,700 million USD by 2025. 

“But would you rather win a million Euros or donate a million Euros?” asks Yamen Hawit, Co-founder and Product Manager of Arab Millionaire - the first regional charity based lottery in the Middle East. 

This profound difference is what sets Arab Millionaire apart. As a charity based lottery, individuals get to win big while supporting charitable causes in the Middle East.

“After finding out that such a platform doesn’t exist in the Arab world, we partnered with Mr. George Kordahi to launch the first gaming platform for the Arab world licensed under the EU,” says Hawit. “With Arab Millionaire, there is no need to choose between the act of winning and giving, and we partnered with major regional charities, including organizations such as King Hussien Cancer Center of Jordan.” 

To join, users can create an account at Arab Millionaire’s dedicated website and register with their phone, email, Google or Facebook. Users can then play a variety of games including regular lotteries, scratch cards, and quizzes, to name a few. “Our platform includes many cash-prize games, such as a live trivia quiz (similar to the popular HQ Trivia in the US), Scratch Cards, and even a Fortune Wheel,” says Hawit. 

After registration, users gain access to a secure online wallet where they can deposit funds and start the fun. Payment options include Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, CashU, Neteller, and Mobile Pay. The people behind Arab Millionaire understand the need for more inclusive payment options and have created an additional option which allows users to purchase wallet funds via third-party distributors.

Users can then purchase Arab Millionaire tickets 1 of which equal 10 lives to play the Daily Quiz Competition. Players have the chance to win from an assortment of prizes and a free entry for a chance to win the Weekly Grand Prize. With each ticket purchased, users receive 6 random numbers ranging from 1 to 49, which can be changed at any time. To win the Grand Prize, users have to match up their 6 numbers with the 6 numbers selected at random during the live-streamed drawing. The Grand Prize starts at 1 million Euros in which 80% goes to the winner and 20% to charity. The more users buy tickets and play, the bigger the Grand Prize grows until claimed by one lucky winner. 

Second place cash prizes are reserved for tickets matching 5 out of the 6 selected numbers and set at 3,000 Euros. Third place prizes are set at 40 Euros for tickets matching 4 out of 6 numbers, and finally, fourth place prizes are set at 2 Euros for tickets with 3 out of the 6 selected numbers. 

Since its launch, Arab Millionaire has gained over 500,000 users, and well over 200,000 social media followers. To meet their growing user base, Arab Millionaire is working on the release of a new mobile application which will soon be available to mobile users everywhere. 
Apart from Product Manager Hawit, the platform includes a skilled team of data-driven developers, designers and business experts from around the world. In order to maximize impact, Hawit is looking to raise $5 million USD in funding and to establish key strategic partnerships with major industry partners. 

In terms of impact, Arab Millionaire has created a unique platform where users get to play to win cash prizes while donating a percentage of winnings to the charity of their choice. With a charity committee led by Mr. George Kordahi, Arab Millionaire has created a platform where lottery is more than just instant wins for cash prizes. Rather, the platform is shining a light on the good works of charities across the Middle East, while offering users the opportunity to learn and support profound causes. Arab Millionaire is without a doubt transforming lottery for the better. 

To learn more visit:

For Facebook users keep up to date with Arab Millionaire @ArabMillionaireProject 

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