Hayatkm - Co-founder Khaled Nabhan

Every day people face a range of issues that they just cannot find the answers to online. With an excess of websites that offer free advice, it becomes even more difficult to sift out the experts from the non-experts.

To address these concerns, Gaza based entrepreneurs Khaled Nabhan, Tamer Hamdan, and Alaa Hamdan developed Hayatkm - released in early 2018. “We were inspired by families day-to-day needs to reach out to trusted experts and quickly find the answers for their critical questions,” says Khaled Nabhan, Co-founder of Hayatkm. “Hayatkm is our solution. Our web platform empowers users to ask the important questions and consult with certified experts within the fields of healthcare, law, and even household support via online live streaming services, twenty-four seven.” 

In addition to the Co-founders, Hayatkm includes a leading team of professional software engineers; marketers; and certified experts and consultants. 

With a fully integrated platform and a host of certified professionals from across the Arab World, Hayatkm empowers its users with the online support they need when they need it. To begin, users simply head over to Hayatkm.com choose both a topic and a consultant and then ask their question. 

For some, it can be difficult to open up and discuss sensitive issues online. When it comes to serious medical, legal and other personal issues this cannot be overstated. This is why user confidentiality and security place high on Hayatkm’s list of concerns, ensuring that users receive the expert advice they need in a safe and secure environment. 

The team behind Hayatkm are always streamlining their platform and adopting the latest innovations. In their latest attempts to enhance user experience and retention, Hayatkm has adopted a new mobile payment method. “The payment parking period is a facilitated function we implemented within our mobile payment subscription system. It’s something brand new in the region.” Hayatkm also reaches out to early adopters offering them their first day for free.

As any entrepreneur would tell you, scaling and making the right connections is a major milestone for any startup. In Hayatkm’s case, scaling and connecting with industry partners is a major focus for the current stage of the startup. As such, Nabhan and the exceptional team behind Hayatkm are working to build on their momentum, expand their business operations and establish strategic collaborations with mobile direct carriers in order to reach new markets. In this respect, Hayatkm implements advanced marketing and advertising strategies to connect to new industry partners and business enablers, as well as to scale and acquire market shares. 

Although based out of Palestine, Hayatkm’s scope is wide with representative offices in the UK, UAE, and Jordan, and growing. “Scaling is our main concern and with executive plans to implementation, we are fully operating in Egypt and the GCC market. Targeting users in MENA is in the current stage, but planning to enter new markets subject to funding is how we will grow and develop,” says Nabhan.  

Since their launch, Hayatkm has made considerable strides as a Palestinian startup led by Palestinian founders. With absolutely no financial and technical support or mentorships, Hayatkm has impressively emerged as a self-funded startup operating in 6 Arab countries. Additional plans to launch their first global investment round are well underway.  

To continue to scale and reach new markets, the founders of Hayatkm are looking for market support, mentorships, and potential investments to continue to expand their scope of operations. “Every dream needs a roadmap to be reached, it is our dream to operate in all MENA countries within the next two years and to become the first unicorn startup in Palestinian within the next ten,” says Nabhan. 

In terms of impact, Nabhan brings up the ingenuity of the Palestinian people to address their challenges with resilience, innovation, and pride.  To that end, Nabhan has made it his mission to raise awareness about the Palestinian startup ecosystem and its potential. “We sincerely believe that brilliance is evenly distributed but opportunity is not, but we work to keep the world looking at the Palestinian talent hub and say, ‘Hey, this is worth it!’”

 To learn more visit: https://hayatkm.com

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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