Entrepreneurship in Hebron Feature: Rand Al-Ayasa Founder of Karma Handmade

Macramé enthusiast Rand Al-Eisah was introduced to the world of craft at a young age, “My love for macramé’ and crafting started when I was just a little girl. I used to watch my mother, who was a dedicated art teacher, pour so much love into her crafts and create such beautiful pieces,” says Rand. For this Hebron Native, Macramé was more than just a hobby, it was a way to connect with her mother and a creative outlet to express herself.
“At first, I would help my mother with her pieces until I decided to start one of my own, and since then, I was hooked. I have been crafting vintage-inspired macramé pieces ever since,” says Rand. Since then, Rand began to seriously consider turning her passion into a business and decided to launch an e-shop dedicated to her crafts.
Unfortunately, Rand was unable to translate her income-generating project into an actual business, so she looked for opportunities that would allow her to benefit from business and financial development services and connect with experienced professionals. During this time, MENACatalyst, with the support of the GIZ, had just launched a series of integrated services aimed at promoting entrepreneurship in Hebron.
Rand was eager to take part and had the life-changing opportunity to connect with business and financial experts, e-marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and mentors dominating Palestinian markets. After taking part in these activities and receiving ongoing support from MENACatalyst, Rand launched Karma Handmade, your one-stop shop for all things macramé.
“At my dedicated shop, you will find an array of more contemporary and vintage-inspired pieces, all using the timeless art of macramé. Not only do I create more traditional macramé pieces, but I also create many home décor items and accessories like pillows, curtains, bedspreads, and so much more. At Karma Handmade, you will also find creative and unique pieces that infuse macramé in decorative mirrors and baskets, all types of wall-hangings and shelves,” says Rand.
What sets this specialty shop apart is its dedication to community solidarity and purchases all her materials from local vendors.

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
Leila Farraj is MENACatalyst’s Digital Content Strategist. Since the launch of MENACatalyst, Leila has been integral in developing and managing content that strategically reflects the overall mi... Leila Profile
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