Entrepreneurship in Hebron Feature: Wafaa Al Darabee Founder of Natural Soaps with Wafaa

Wafaa Drabee was born and raised in Hebron, Palestine. With a background in applied chemistry, and soap and skincare manufacturing, and tired of all the chemical-based soap and skincare products flooding the markets, Wafaa was well on her way to establishing her passion project, a natural skincare line.
“I couldn’t find many chemical-free and eco-friendly alternatives to the harsh chemical soaps and skincare products that were everywhere in my local stores. So I decided to fix this and started my own line of natural eco-friendly soaps and cosmetics to appeal to the health and environmentally conscious consumer,” says Wafaa.  
While Wafaa had the skills and know-how to create her line, starting a sustainable business was another matter. However, Wafaa was soon presented with the opportunity to join MENCatalyst’s latest GIZ supported entrepreneurial support program. Through the program, Wafaa was able to connect and receive mentorship from game-changing business professionals, industry experts, and entrepreneurs dominating local markets. 
MC also helped Wafaa develop business and financial plans, marketing strategies, access supply chains, and learn the importance of branding and how to tap into the potential of e-marketing.
Wafaa took advantage of this opportunity and soon gained the skills needed to begin production and sales via her e-shop, Natural Soaps, and Things. “If you are looking for an alternative to commercial-brands made using toxic ingredients and methods harmful to you and the environment, then look no further than Natural Soaps and Things. We are your one-stop-shop for everything that will help you keep your skin glowing, your hair silky, and keep both healthy and toxin-free. The great thing about this shop is that all our products are handmade with care using the highest quality natural ingredients infused with soothing essential oils and refreshing herbs,” says Wafaa.
What sets Natural Soaps and Things apart is that it is a consumer conscious shop, and all ingredients and materials used are locally sourced. “This way we can help keep our local suppliers in business while delivering to you the best Palestine has to offer. We are all about promoting a more sustainable, eco-friendly Palestine, and are working to raise awareness about the most pressing social issues affecting our community.”

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
Leila Farraj is MENACatalyst’s Digital Content Strategist. Since the launch of MENACatalyst, Leila has been integral in developing and managing content that strategically reflects the overall mi... Leila Profile
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