Mays Handicrafts

Like many young Palestinians based in Jerusalem, finding employment opportunities is difficult to say the least. However, financial independence was a main motivator for Mays to utilize her ceramics making skills to become self-employed. Her goal, create a pottery line that hearkens to the history and culture of Palestine by infusing traditional Palestinian motifs and symbols into her work. Mays hopes that through her distinctive artistic creations she will be able to help showcase Palestinian culture and heritage and appeal to the expats and diaspora from across the globe. 

Mays joined MENACatalyst’s newly launched GIZ supported program based in Jerusalem, Empowering Youth Through Digital Skills Development to learn how to start a viable enterprise. Since then, Mays participated in a range of programs that included business and financial management, specialized skills development, branding, and how to utilize digital marketing to reach her targeted markets. 

To accomplish her goals, it is recommended that Mays, 
-    Further develop her English language skills to better reach out to Palestinian expats and diaspora. 
-    Digital marketing skills development and social media marketing to strategically reach targeted markets.
-    Develop calligraphy skills to infuse into her artistic work to further customize pieces. 
-    Learn to use Adobe Illustrator.
-    Branding support.

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
Leila Farraj is a freelance consultant for MENACatalyst’s Digital Content . Since the launch of MENACatalyst, Leila has been integral in developing and managing content that strategically reflec... Leila Profile
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