kimberley Davidson
United Kingdom

Kimberley Davidson is a Scottish fundraising and communications professional with over 8 years of experience working with grassroots movements, national and international organisations.


She developed a passion for the Middle East & North Africa in 2012 whilst delivering a youth development project in Tunisia, identified as a best practice example of European Voluntary Service by the British Council.  Her highly successful blog, ‘Al Hurriyah’ told the stories of her many wonderful encounters in Tunisia and challenged negative stereotypes in her native country about Arab culture and Islam.  During her time there, she met a family from Ramallah who encouraged her to fulfil her lifelong ambition and visit Palestine.


Visit she did, and as well as volunteering in Al Azzeh refugee camp in Bethlehem, she was lucky to be offered an internship with Welfare Association in their Youth Employment Services programme, an opportunity that gave her insight to the significant challenges facing young Palestinians as well as their exceptional resilience and capacity for problem-solving.


Since returning to Scotland, Kimberley has started to volunteer with different Palestinian organisations whilst working as a Regional Fundraising Manager for a U.K charity.  She also recently travelled to Chile with MENA Catalyst to meet the Palestinian diaspora and tell their stories.


She hopes to start her own ethical business in the near future, working with Tunisian & Palestinian artisans to bring their exquisite products to the U.K.