Ghassan Amayra

Ghassan Amayra


Ghassan Amayra, co-founder of MENACatalyst foundation, a social enterprise aimed at changing/transforming the entrepreneurship and youth employment landscape in Palestine. Ghassan’s vision is to build a “virtual global economic model for Palestine” by establishing collaborations between internationally based business leaders and investors from the Palestinian diaspora with local based entrepreneurs and startups. Furthermore, Ghassan has created a network of over 100 committed diaspora business people from all over the world and facilitated strategic connection growth workshops for the Palestinian startups. Ghassan has made it his mission to work with regional investors and business partners to close the startups funding gap and create virtual opportunities for youth in Palestine. 


Ghassan has navigated a number of careers as a development and trade expert, corporate intrapreneur & social entrepreneur. Ghassan focuses on turning the diaspora potential and capabilities into opportunities for Palestine benefiting from the advanced technology. 


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