Omar Omran

Omar Omran

Business Consultant

Omar Omran is currently a faculty member in the BZU Department of Business Administration and Marketing, teaching courses such as Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership among others. In addition to teaching and research, Omar focuses mainly on market research, business development, business and marketing plans, and feasibility studies among other topics with Agility Management and Financial Consulting.

In his time at Agility Management and Financial Consulting, Omar has been able to implement solutions on national, sector, and firm levels. Areas include entrepreneurship, franchise opportunities, manufacturing of electrical materials, glass, building materials, housing and real estate, labor market needs, strategic plans for research institutions, clothing and textile firms, and service based firms, including IT, among others.  Prior to his current position, Omar also provided consulting services in areas such as logistics and supply chain management to firms in the US, with special emphasis on confectionary and tobacco related products, as well as implementing systems solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Retailx (formerly IDS) and other customized solutions based on client needs.

He has also been quite active in the entrepreneurial community mentoring and working with pre investment and early stage startups here in Palestine.  Omar’s activities in this genre also include his participation as a mentor and advisor in events such as StartUp Weekend, Palestine Startup Cup, Garage 48, a founder of StarMeUp, and facilitating a number of panel discussions regarding entrepreneurship and investment.